1. Is there a limit on the type of products that UBT will help me to source?

Yes there is. We will source ONLY   products made in China. The advantage  is that these products can be obtained at a lower cost than those made in other countries due to the efficiency in Chinese manufacturing.

2. What is the average time for transactions?

Transactions take a minimum of 60 days from the time you send your request to UBT. Bear in mind that transactions can take up to 120 days depending on several factors such as shipping, negotiations etc.

3. Are there any company documents I would need to provide to UBT at the beginning of transaction?

No, but for your own customs clearing  you  will need to have the  relevant documents for customs purposes.

4.What would I need to learn about doing business in China?

First you need to:

  •  Know the products you are interested in obtaining from China
  • Understand international trading procedures
  • Selecting your suppliers (this is the most important part)

UBT will assist/lead you through the process.   Of course it is important to have  an open mind so you can listen and question your supplier about the details of your transaction during each stage.


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