In 2007 UBT Corporation established UBT Shanghai in China to make it easier to procure goods from different suppliers, build solid relationships, to warehouse and to ship. Since then UBT has:

  • Secured dealerships for UBT with major manufacturers in China
  • Deepen relationships with suppliers
  • Ensured consistency leading to quality protection and supply stability

We have been successful in helping a number of Jamaican companies establish a strong presence in the Chinese market by creating  a market for selected Jamaican products in that region, namely Blue Mountain Coffee and Jamaica Instant Coffee. UBT seeks to become the bridge between Jamaica and China being “Your Supply Chain Partner” as your company seeks to import from or export to China.

The Challenges of Doing Business in China

Many businesses desiring to do business in China are sometimes met with little success because they find themselves facing unforeseen challenges. UBT Corporation has assessed these challenges and has put together mechanisms to overcome them.

Mission Statement

The mission of the UBT Corporation is to utilize ethical management practices and exceptional employee capabilities to identify and provide high quality products, supported by superior services, to raise the standard of living and lifestyle of the average Jamaican and Caribbean residents.

Challenge: As with any kind of business negotiation, proper communication plays an important role. It can also become an overwhelming task when it comes to complex business issues. The hurdle of the language barrier can lead to miscommunication of certain messages during negotiations. Due to this breakdown in communication, many times business seeking to do negotiations with China, often neglect to be specific in their requirements.

Solution: UBT has employed an expert team of Jamaicans and Chinese staff who understand the importance of knowledge exchange between the cultures. The overseas arm of UBT is situated in Shanghai, China and was first created to undertake the development of supplier relationship. This started out handling purchases, negotiations and new product exploration as well as the marketing of products in China. This enhances the proper transmission of information and drastically reduces the communications problems faced in negotiations.

Challenge : There have been concerns about the quality of Chinese products. These concerns have to do with a lack of understanding of the Chinese product guidelines as well as the different grades in the product quality. As a result clients may end up with products of a lower grade than they expected because they failed to specify the desired quality for the negotiated price.

Solution: We have created a strict quality monitoring framework to ensure proper quality is met through all stages, such as finalizing client specifications, checking and delivering samples and product examination at the end of manufacturing.

Challenge : Importers have often failed to understand Chinese business customs, the different rules governing the Chinese market, as well as the legal protections that exist on the other side of the sea. When doing business in China one has to bear in mind the importance of cultural and knowledge exchange.


We can assist clients in finding appropriate suppliers and products based on our wide knowledge of the Chinese market and our presence in China via UBT Shanghai. We know that business relationships in China are driven by personal relationships and a proper understanding of Chinese culture can therefore mean an advantage when it comes to finding good suppliers and ensuring proper cooperation. Over the years UBT has built solid relationships with many Chinese connections and this clearly must work to our client’s advantage.

Challenge : Factors affecting transaction time include:
• Client’s inability to control the time when sourcing a proper Chinese supplier.
• Not understanding the time span between each stage of transaction from sourcing to purchasing to delivery.
• Clients lack of reliable means to track the purchasing and delivery.
• Delays in communication based on the difference in time zones.
• UBT Shanghai has extensive knowledge of Chinese market, policies, procurement processes, supply chain, import, export procedures and how time differences affect transaction time. As a result of this we have implemented the necessary measures for proper tracking and follow up to pursue the most efficient and timely way forward.

This includes UBT Jamaica and UBT Shanghai working in tandem giving each other strong support with smooth information flow, capital flow and logistics to eliminate delays as best as possible.


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